Convergence from MGNREGA
Name of Project : Open Well  Badepaneda
Funding Agency : CEO Jilapanchayat, Dantewada
Duration : 1 year
Objectives : 1. To Develop irrigation facilities
2. To Life saving irrigation
3. To Grown vegetables and crops on badi
Cost of the project (Rs. In Lac) : 75.52
Name of village/black : Badepaneda/Geedam
No. of Beneficiaries : 34
Area (ha.)/No. : 34 Open Well
The field of 34 Farmerís were selected for the digging of open well and fencing of 2 acre area under Mahatma Gandhi Rojgar Guaranty Yojana Jila panchayat Dantewada, Rs. 2.17 lac each badi. Open well are used for irrigation of life saving to drought condition of crop as well as growing of vegetable crops and fencing is done to protect the crops from grazing because open grazing is the serious problem of the district. The farmers were grown various vegetable crop round the year, which fulfill the daily requirement of balance diet.
Digging of Open Well
Constructed Open Wells

Convergence from MGNREGA

Name of Project : Mixed Plantation (Bamboo)
Funding Agency : CEO Jilapanchayat, Dantewada
Duration : 02 year
Objectives : 1. To Control soil and water erosion at ravine area
2. Additional income from bamboo and other plants
3. To use the west land  
Cost of the project(Rs in Lac) : 2.36
Name of village/black : Haram/Geedam
No. of Beneficiaries : 01
Pace of work : KVK Farm
Area (ha.) : 1 hac.
Mixed Plantation wok of bamboo and acacias species was done beside the farm, to control soil erosion due to Haram River, to utilize the waste land and live fencing of the farm land. The work funded by MGNREGA Zilapanchayat Dantewada for plantation of one hac.
Nursery plants of Bamboo
Nursery plants of Acacia
Nursery plants of Caronda
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