Convergence from TSP Scheme under AICRP, IGKV, Raipur
Name of Project : Establisment of Small Agromet Observatory
Funding Agency : Dept. of  Agrometeorology,
Duration : 01 year
Objectives : Establishment of Agromet   Observatory
Cost of the project(Rs in Lac) : 0.4
Place : Krishi Vigyan Kendra Dantewada
Fencing poles, bard wire and other miscellaneous item has been purchased under this project for establishment of agromet observatory and it is established at Krishi Vigyan Kendra Dantewada campus for taking daily weather observations such as Rainfall, Temperature, Humidity, Evapotranspiration and Solar Radiation etc. The information of this parameter not only displayed on notice board but also send to the famers through Kisan Mobile Advisory System
Established Small Agromet Observatory
Convergence from TSP
Name of Project : Tribal Sub-Plan (Rabi 2012-13)
Funding Agency : ZPD, Jabalpur
Duration : 01 year
Objectives : Increasing pulse production for food, nutritional security and rural livelihoods of tribal community through demonstration and training.
Cost of the project(Rs in Lac) : 2.015
Name of village/black : Heeranar, Kasoli ,Binjam,Nagul,Karli
No. of Beneficiaries : 59
Name of Beneficiaries : All 59 tribal farmers
Area (ha.) : 22.0 (Chickpea-12 ,field pea-10)
Present status : Successfully work completed
Tribal sub-plan (TSP) Scheme for Increasing Pulses Production for Food, Nutritional Security and Rural livelihoods of Tribal Community through Demonstration and Training” was conducted in the tribal dominating area of Dantewada district funded by Indian Institute of Pulse Research (IIPR), Indian council of Agriculture Research, Kanpur (UP).Under this scheme pulse crop were taken for demonstration with full package of practices in tribal village. Farmers are given Critical inputs viz. seeds, fertilizers, sprayers are given to the farmers for sowing, spraying insecticide, fungicide and herbicides for proper controlling weeds. Scientist has been visited on their field and gives technical advised to the farmer for better production of pulse crop. Under the TSP Pulses scheme Farmers training programmes & other extension activities like Kisan Gosthi,Field day, Diagnostic field visit is organized by the KVK Scientist. Community inputs i.e.60 Nos. Storage bins and 9 Nos. KNAP SACK Sprayers provided by the IIPR, Kanpur were distributed to the farmers of selected villages.
1. Training programme, K isan Gosthi, Field Day, Diagnostic visit under Tribal Sub Plan
Year Training Kisan Gosthi Field Day Diagnostic Visit
  No. Benef. No. Benef. No. Benef. No. Beneficiaries
2011-12 06 224 04 49 03 197 06 68
2012-13 06 246 05 120 03 209 02 60
Total 12 470 09 169 06 406 08 128
Critical Input Distribution to Farmers
Sowing of pulse crop b seed cum fertilizer drill
Photographs of Chickpea& Field Pea on farmer field
Training under TSP scheme
Training Cum Farmers Day (Under TSP)
Name of Project : TSP STCR
Funding Agency : Dept. of Soil Science, IGKV Raipur
Cost of the project (Rs. In Lac) : 0.12
Title of Training : Soil test & fertilizer application
Name of Village/ Block : Heeranar/Geedam
Name & No. of Extension personnel   : Dr.V.N. Mishra, Dr. R.K. Bajpai, Dr. L.K. Shrivastav,
Sh. H.K. Patra, B.A. Kujur,   P.K. Salam,
Er. N.H. Tayade, Sh. K.N. Verma & C.S.Khare
No. of Trainees ST : 25
SC : 00
OBC/Gen : 05
Total : 30
Date of Training : 21/03/2013
An awareness programme Training cum farmers day was organized on 21.03.2013. Dr. V.N. Mishra (Principal Scientist, Deptt. of Soil Science, IGKV Raipur), Dr. R.K. Bajpai (Principal Scientist, Deptt. of Soil Science, IGKV Raipur), Dr. L.K. Shrivastav (Scientist,Deptt. of Soil Science, IGKV Raipur),Sh. H.K. Patra, B.A. Kujur, P.K. Salam, Er. N.H. Tayade, Sh. K.N. Verma, C.S.Khare were present in this programme. 30 farmers of village Binjam, Heeranar were participated. The whole package of practices of crop production through soil test fertilizer application with quality seed production technique was concerned in this programme by the Principal Scientist and KVK Scientist
Training Cum Farmers Day (Under TSP)
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